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Attractive Window Garden Kits for growing Organic Microgreens   

Easy to grow  in 8 to 14 days and nutrient dense.  

For example, Basil Microgreens have 3.9 times more  Vitamin C and  24.8 times more Vitamin E  than fully grown Basil;  Cabbage   Microgreens have 16.4 times  more Beta Carotene  and 28.6 times  more Lutein  than  fully  grown cabbage  (on a per gram basis).    


We currently ship to England, Wales and Scotland only, and shipping is FREE



 Hi there, Little Green Window is based in Plymouth, Devon and sells Microgreen kits and supplies. Microgreens and Micro Herbs are nutrient dense and easy to grow in 2 weeks or less. We support growing these small healthy foods indoors, all year round, for you to enjoy!

We recommend starting with our Microgreen Starter Kit, as this contains everything you need to grow two trays of Microgreens. The seeds and growing medium are organic. Most of the kit contents are reusable again and again, saving on money and resources.


Little Green Window is currently a seedling itself, but wants to grow up to be a CIC. As well as selling to the public we support Community, Charity and Education organisations with discounted prices and other services. If you want to buy in bulk, or for a Charity, Community or Educational group, please contact us using the contact form below prior to purchase





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